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Complete Details of Honeycomb Shades

It is quite convenient to move these shades, thus also a nice option for elders' rooms. The reason behind this is a handle to the rail. They can be installed in various ways like inside your window or on the casement. The tension system gives the essential grip and keeps the shades in a secure position. Fenstermann honeycomb shades are present in both designs whether straight and in special shapes or from trapezoids to triangles. They are an excellent choice for your windows in any room.

The grip of Fensterman's honeycomb’s narrow depth shades is rendered by the solid and double action clamping shoe and stops with the beads of glass and window trim. The mechanical locking system is simple and keeps the rail movement in place. There is a magnetic catch on the top, necessary for a smooth closing. All these factors make our shades an ideal choice for your windows.

Technical Details of Honeycomb Blinds and their Style

All the material that is used in the making of the blinds is of standard quality and this saves the blinds from any fault in their movement and installation.