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Pleated Blinds Technical Details

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Get Pleated Blinds that are Easy to Operate!

The pleated blinds we offer are easily movable and require less effort. Meanwhile, a handle is attached to its movement trail that makes the operation hassle-free. The clients can easily install them as an inside mount to your windows. Moreover, it has the needed grip which enables the blinds to be stable at any position top or bottom. If the window in your living space is differently shaped, we will cover it for you effortlessly. Additionally, it has a simple locking system that is easily understandable and fixes the movement trail in the right position. Also, there is a magnetic catch on the top that ensures a snug closing on the top at any time.

The technical structure of our pleated blinds will allow a secured movement of blinds at any position. Meanwhile, our pleated blinds have a strong framework system that directly clicks on the bedding on your window frame.

How It Works

The blinds we provide are easy to operate. However, you can follow the instruction of our knowledgeable and expert staff for the proper installation of the pleated blind.

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Pleated Blinds Technical Details and Styles

We will make the move of your pleated blind from top to bottom easily. Therefore, fix the position of your pleated blinds according to the need of your living space.